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Welcome to the Community Mujeres de Mundo

A meeting point for women who consider themselves citizens of the world and have chosen to enjoy and make the most of their experience of living in Spain.


I know what it’s like to leave everything behind and start from scratch

I know what it’s like to leave behind: your family, your friends, your work, your life, etc, and start a new one.

I have experienced change several times in my life and in each of them I felt mixed emotions: happiness, melancholy, guilt, frustration, stress and, even uprooting. Emotions that made me feel overwhelmed

When you leave your country, you not only leave: your house, your job, your friends… you also leave behind part of your own identity, your culture, your sense of belonging, your comfort. to be part of a new culture, of a new place and to feel, at the same time, that you are not part of one or the other. This can be very painful and unsettling if you do not have the support and the tools to manage the changes and new situations..

This is the reason why I created MUJERES DE MUNDO. I did it with the purpose of providing a community in which WE can BE ourselves, respecting and supporting each other to have the life we want in Spain.

I dream with a more fair and egalitarian world in which women believe more in themselves and trust on their abilities to achieve everything they want.

As a specialized Expat Coach, I accompany you in this adventure, first connecting you with yourself to effectively connect with the others and with your new environment.

“Moving from your country to another and starting a new life is a difficult process. Thanks to Rosario´s help I understood Spanish’s lifestyle and I found my place in Madrid. I have also connected with other women who had similar circumstances as mine, this made me feel more comfortable and welcomed in a different country. I am sure that her practical and emotional accompaniment have been and is still a gift for my life in Spain. Always thank you for your support and dedication!”

Mexican living in Madrid


When you change countries and you move into a new city, there are many things you must do and learn. Also, there are many emotions that you must process and manage.

You can experience this as “negative experience” or as «a great adventure». You choose!


1:1 online or face-to-face sessions: Program focused on our emotional side (before or during the expatriation process ).


Relocation Support

Practical Orientation Service: I will give you all the practical support you need so that your preparation and installation in Spain is as positive and effective as possible and you will have the lifestyle you want in Spain


Cultural Integration

More opportunities, more connections, more experiences, more adventures, more life!

Next event: 
22nd of September 2022 at 20.00h


“We are a family of 4. We relocated to Madrid from Toronto (Canada) for work. At first we did not know how to start here: what school to choose, what area to live in, what type of house was better for us, etc. We hardly had any knowledge of the Spanish lifestyle and the Spanish idiosyncrasy.

When I arrived, I felt overwhelmed, with so many things to decide and to do without having someone that I trusted, who could guide us from the practical side and could accompany me emotionally.

Rosario helped me to organize all the things I had to do, she explained to me how things worked in Spain and she informed me of all the available options that we had. The first thing was to identify our needs and to guide us in the right direction, to achieve what we were looking for.

I recommend Rosario for giving Practical Support and Relocation Services. As well as to help you meet new people in Madrid because doing networking when you arrive in a new place is very important. And, of course, I recommend her as a Coach for the Expatriation Process since her accompaniment was key for me to adapt here and to feel self confident in a different country than mine.”

Venezuelan living in Madrid

“I am a curious person and I love harmony. My new adventure was called Madrid, where I arrived with all the knowledge and all the experiences that I had obtained over the years, thanks to living in different countries and diverse cultural environments.

I started working with Rosario in order to connect with my purpose because I wanted to reinvent myself from a professional point of view during the time I was going to live in Spain. I recognize that she guided me in such a natural and human way to put together all the pieces of my «Personal Puzzle», giving value and meaning to each part.

Thank you Rosario for helping me with such professionalism and dedication to connect with myself and with my passion in this new stage»

Mexican living in Madrid


I am Rosario, Madrilenian, with Spanish and Peruvian Ancestors. I am married and I have two wonderful children. Sometimes, when I see them, I remember the girl I use to be who loved playing at the countryside,enjoying living in the present.  

Since a very young age I had the opportunity to travel and to live in a multicultural environment. This gave me very positive experiences but also made me be aware of the differences and injustices present in our society. It also allowed me to see the other side of migration: the little empathy that exists and how difficult it can be for many people to integrate into a country that is not theirs. This is one of the reasons why, as a lawyer, I decided to specialize myself in International Cooperation and wanted to work to eradicate these differences.

After some years and due to personal experiences while I was living in Peru, I connected with my true mission: helping others to connect with their life purpose to live the life they want with self confidence. 

I graduated as an Ontological Coach and for the past 10 years I have been helping people to develop personally and/or professionally.

Today, I offer you all my experience to accompany you and to help you to build a new life, a good life.

Whether you need support to settle in Madrid, to choose the most suitable school for your children, for daily issues, and even where to buy your groceries!!! If you need a trustable person to guideyou, orientate you and connect you with other people in your new city, with my Coaching Programs and Practical Orientation, I will be by your side in every step you take so that your experience in Spain is the best.

Thank you for being here!

Rosario Pedrosa

Expat Coach & Cultural Integration Manager

Ventajas de vivir en Madrid

¿Estás pensando trasladarte a Madrid?
Te entiendo, Madrid es un inevitable amor a primera vista ¡y no puedo más que alegrarme por tan importante decisión! Aunque, como toda decisión que vale la pena, es posible que todavía tengas algunas dudas en torno.

Si ese es el caso, de entrada, será necesario recomendarte una herramienta clave. Aquella que nos facilita superar los retos más cruciales de nuestra vida humana. Sí, hablo de una buena actitud.


“Redesign your priorities and your life. Equip yourself with everything you need to face this new stage in the most calm, positive and confident way in a place that welcomes you.”

Let me accompany
you on this journey!

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